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Use the retrograde energy to go within and trust that you are being guided , says Madeline Giles in her Angel Message for May…


“If you want to make God laugh, tell her about your plans.” –Woody Allen

May begins with what the energy April leaves us with: a not-so-subtle invitation to let go, let God and surrender to the higher plan at play. For most of us, this is easier said than done. How can you trust that the way things are unfolding in your life are truly supporting your highest good? The simple answer? By making your spiritual practice more interesting and important than your judgments about how you think things “should” be.

In this very moment, unconditionally loving Angels surround you to heal, comfort, guide and assist you with all aspects of your life. They are sensitive to the spectrum of human emotions and how your past experiences mold your present perception of reality – and they want to help you release those thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that have kept you locked in a prison of your own making.

How you relate to what is going on in your life right now is either the issue or the opportunity for growth. Not the situation itself, but what it brings up in you.

For example, let’s say someone (maybe you!) is upset because [insert situation]. Instead of focusing on the external implications of this – let’s go deeper: what does this situation bring up in you? Focus on the feelings.

Perhaps it triggered feelings of abandonment, unworthiness, not good enough, feelings of not being loved. Once you are in touch with that feeling, go deeper. When was the first time you felt this way? Is there a memory or age that comes forward? Give that part of you a voice, let this younger aspect of you speak.

Then, with compassion, forgive yourself for any judgments you may have made against yourself or others at the time. You were truly doing the best you could. Reaffirm this truth, and from THIS place, take responsibility for your current situation by committing to a self-honoring next step.

The Angels stand by to assist with this process, especially in clearing any residual energy that has kept you locked in this pattern.

As you clear your consciousness, you make space for fresh energy reflective of your true Divinity. At this time, we are called to rise above, to rise beyond, and to reprogram beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors that reflect our Divinity.

With five planets in retrograde as we enter May, this time period is a gift for us to release and heal all aspects of our consciousness that are not true reflections of our Spirit.

Retrogrades call us to “re” – reset, reflect, relax, reconnect, release, recharge, review. If life has felt quite challenging these last few weeks, celebrate! You are getting into the center of suffering that has been holding you back. It wants to release now, so let it. Let your Angels help you.

Allow unexpected situations to lift your perspective higher. And when you can’t see the Light, go within – to your true home beyond the external world. It is here you will find the infinite pulse of unconditional love, understanding, and truth.

It is here you will come home to yourself and become less attached to situations in the external world. It is here you can expect the expected: LOVE.

This month, the Angels say that as you begin to accept, surrender and release these old aspects of your consciousness, a new energy will begin to emerge within you.

Mid-month, the energy will lighten into a fresh new beginning ~ the soft Spring we have been waiting for – April showers truly bringing May flowers, so bide your time and make the most of this potent energy for transformation.

Spring clean your consciousness and prepare for a wellspring of unexpected blessings – for when we clear our consciousness, we make space to recognize and RECEIVE the true majesty of Source.


“Thank you, Angels for allowing me to witness the blessings in my current situation. Guide me to thoughts, actions, and behaviors that reflect my Divinity, rather than my past programming that no longer serves me. Awaken my Spirit and let it be the guiding light in my life. Thank you, Angels, for making your presence known. I ask for clear signs I can easily recognize and understanding guiding me on the path of my Highest Destiny. Thank you for showing me how FUN it is to be human. I love you. Amen.”


Meditation for transformation as taught by Yogi Bhajan

“When we see the dark clouds coming over the mountain, we seek shelter because we know there is an inherent danger in those clouds. We may get soaking wet; we may get struck by lightning. This meditation clears the darkness from the clouds in our hearts and helps us to avoid that inherent danger. It adjusts our perception of our projection and prevents weird actions resulting from a poor self-image.” –Yogi Bhajan

*You can view a write-up of this meditation here

  1. Chant Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo three times.
  2. Sit comfortably so that you can meditate with a straight spine.
  3. Place both of your hands in fists at your diaphragm. Touch the middle knuckles of each middle finger. Pressure on this central knuckle immediately gives you self-confidence. Extend your index fingers directly away from your body and let their end pads touch, forming a teepee. Extend your thumbs straight up and stretch them back as far as possible. So your hands are touching at the middle finger knuckles, index fingers, and thumbs. They are placed at the level of the diaphragm, touching your body. Your thumbs are stretched back.
  4. Inhale deep into the diaphragm and chant WAAHAY GUROO 40 times on this one breath. There are two important factors in this chant. First, when you run out of breath, stop. Do not cheat and continue chanting. Wait for the breath cycle to begin again. You may, however, begin by chanting WAAHAY GUROO 16 or 24 times as you build up to 40 repetitions, which is the ideal.
  5. Second, WAAHAY GUROO should be chanted in three parts. WAA means infinite; HAY means thou; and GUROO is the Self. When chanted in this manner, WAA-HAY GUROO draws you very near to God. So, there are three distance parts to this meditation; WAA, HAY, and GUROO. They may be chanted slowly or not. The time doesn’t really matter, but the three-beat rhythm does. It must be properly established.

You may begin practice of this kriya with 10 to 15 minutes; there is no maximum limit, but 31 minutes is generally speaking a good length.

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

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