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What are the “energetic placeholders” blocking your fashion chakra and stopping your dream designer finds from finding their way into your closet, asks Ruby Warrington?

When I spotted the vintage Chanel boots in Ina (one of NYCs better consignment boutiques), I realized straight away that they were a gift from the Universe. Not in the; OMG-these-boots-are-just -beyond-AND-they’re-my-size kind of way, but rather, I’d stumbled across them on a random Saturday when vintage Chanel was actually the last thing on my mind, because I’d just that week made space for them in my life. Literally.

Since embracing a more Numinous lifestyle / going freelance and no longer having to dress for my ego on a daily basis (i.e. impress my colleagues with my ability to pick out good stuff and wear it), let’s just say there have been a few baseline shifts in the way I get dressed. As in I pretty much don’t, unless I have a meeting, an event or a party to go to. And let’s face it, a lot of my meetings these days are with people who aren’t exactly going to judge me if I show up in my yoga pants (they’re wearing them too).

I talked about it with Gabby Bernstein when I interviewed her for the site – when you work for yourself, from home, and do a lot of yoga and meditation and stuff, you essentially don’t need an “outfit” until you have to see another human being – and even then, a lot of the time it just means a better pair of yoga pants (um, hello, like these babies I picked up in Bondi last month).

But anyway, I digress. My point being that the last two years have seen a revolution going on in my closet, to the point where last summer I enlisted the help of my friend Psychic Betsy to help me decide what should stay and what should go. And during this psychic closet clear out, Betsy introduced me to a really interesting idea; the concept of the “energetic placeholder,” as applied to fashion.

There was one Joseph jacket I just didn’t want to let go – even though I hadn’t worn it in years. It fit really well, but something about the lapels…Anyway, Betsy explained to me that by holding onto it the way I was – “just in case” – I was blocking the energy flow of the new and better jacket that was probably waiting to come into my life. Plus, sending the energy of the Joseph jacket back out into the field would also send it forward into the life of somebody new, who would appreciate and love it like it deserved.

Well, when I took it to the consignment store the next day and walked out with a nearly new and wayyyy cooler (to me) Helmut Lang blazer I didn’t need any more convincing about her theory, and I’ve pretty much been shopping that way since. Which got me thinking about the other energetic placeholders in my life (husband? Nah), but which brings me back to the Chanel.

A few years back (like, maybe ten) I bought a cute, floral vintage Chanel blouse, which I have since worn maybe three times. It’s too tight on my arms, the color totally washes me out and I don’t wear floral prints, but on one of those occasions my most intimidatingly fashionable then-colleague declared it “a triumph,” and it’s been sitting, holding place, in my closet ever since. And I guess it’s testament to some serious ego eradication (a “triumph” of what exactly, anyway? Shopping?) that it ended up on top of the pile in my most recent “old-life-wardrobe” cull.

And lo, the VERY NEXT DAY these boots (these ones, below) come find me instead. And not only are they also vintage, and also by Chanel, but I’ve worn them almost every day since. Voila, fashion chakra unblocked and fully functioning again.


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