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We’re very well-versed in the art of manifestation. Have vision board, will soon know heart’s desires. Right? Not always. Only by creating the right physical conditions in your body will you be ready to receive the gifts of the Universe.

Using a combination of bodywork, craniosacral therapy and custom ritual design, Receptivity Coach Emily Tepper specialises in assisting her clients bust through blocks – emotional and physical – to manifest the lives they truly desire.

A former dancer with the New York Metropolitan Opera Ballet and trained in Experiential Design at the University of Antwerp, it’s not enough for you to know what you want – your body has to want it too, she says.

The right physical conditions are key to manifesting because it creates an active relationship between you and your environment. This active feedback loop helps you “get right with” your desires and get comfortable with what you want to manifest. Your comfort level with what you are manifesting is your barometer of how receptive and “ready to have” you are. So in other words, it’s very important that your physical environment reflect your next level of manifestation, so you can get warm and cozy with what you want!

Involve all of your senses as much as possible, and get embodied. Listen to music that lets you float yourself into your dreams. Call up a friend and share with her how brilliantly she calls you forward into your best self, and elicits great thoughts and desires from you. Create a receptivity altar with objects that inspire you and are tactile and fun to touch because they capture the essence of what you want most. Get your body comfortable with taking in and receiving what you want most NOW, otherwise those thing will always stay in the future tense or will bounce off of you and not stick when they arrives.

When you are both ready to manifest and to receive what you want. It will feel like a cocktail of relaxed, porous, and living on your edge. It’s a beautiful place to exist. When you live in this natural beauty, this birthright of yours, you merge with the field of possibilities (source energy) and this is exactly when your manifestations show up “out of nowhere.”

When you are not ready to manifest, no matter how beautiful your vision board there is an uncomfortable feeling about your desires. There may still be a lot of shame and fear around the next level of your manifestations. You may not be experiencing easy transparency and sharing with your friends. You might feel that your desires isolate you. These are all indicators that you are not yet ready to receive and that you are still keeping your manifestations in the future tense because you are still not ready to let them in.

I’ve experienced manifestation happening very easily and quickly for me, and it always has. This is mainly because I do not over think it. This is not an intellectual process. The key is to “get right with” your desires. Get comfortable with them, relax into them. When I have done this, they come to me almost instantaneously because I am sharing about it and playing with the desire. When you enjoy and revel in the process of truly desiring your manifestation, not only is it more fun, but it also gets converted into an embodied and daily commitment.

Having instead of Chasing is the internal “come from” and state of being I work with. My work is about how to receive it once it arrives. So many of us keep our manifestations in the future tense and we never get it because we cant stand the thought of actually getting what we most deeply want and letting the future tense chasing and hoping go.

My recipe for manifesting very quickly and then RECEIVING your desires goes like this:

1. Get right with your desire – Get comfortable, cozy and right feeling emotionally with what you want to manifest.

2. Get Grateful – What do you already have that is evidence of how great your life is and how awesome you already are at manifesting? This demonstrates to the universe and to source energy that you are ready for more.

3. Release Attachment – Acknowledge that though you will “know” when your manifestation arrives, it’s a co-creative dance with the universe and it is not up to you exactly how and when it happens.

4. Deep Self-Approval – What parts of yourself are ripe for deeper TLC and love? Attraction works much faster for those who are deeply comfortable and approving with their self. Check in for areas you might be forcing positive thinking upon yourself and see if you can dig deeper with the self love and compassion.

5. Acts of Service – This can be something tiny, like picking up trash off the ground or calling a loved one in need, or it can be epic, it doesn’t matter. From an energetic perspective its important to show that you care about the environment and the good of all that is.

6. Time to Process – Great job! Now let go and go play! Your manifestation is in the oven baking, so to speak. By being your self and grounding in your truth, it will be able to find you in no time.

Now, try this novel exercise for New or Full Moon manifesting: THE PROPHECY LETTER

On any Full Moon or New Moon, instead of thinking about the things you want to manifest for the coming month, imagine yourself looking back as if they have already happened. Then, write a letter to yourself about all the great things that have occurred.

While doing this, consider the following categories:

  • Physical Body
  • Mindset
  • Spirituality
  • Primary Relationship
  • Family
  • Business (how I make money)
  • Personal Finances (what I do with the money I make)
  • Social Life
  • Recreation
  • Contribution

As you write, really get into the physical feeling of the situations as you imagine them having come to pass. How does it feel to know perfect health? How does your heart swell when you think about fun times with your lover? What does winning the big contract you’ve been working towards do to your insides?

Embracing the feeling that what you’re manifesting is already in process, acting “as if”, is key to creating the body and mindset that will actively attract the things you want to you.

Then all you have to do is BREATHE AND RECEIVE.

Emily Tepper is offering Numinous readers a special discounted rate of $150 (regular price $250) for a two-hour Flow session, combining pilates, craniosacral massage therapy, elements of NLP hypnosis and the power of the customized ritual.
For more details, contact quoting “NUMINOUS” in the subject line.
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