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Check out all the lightworkers moving to LA! Fern Olivia breaks down why life on the Left Coast is calling…Photography: Nicolas Jandrain

lightworkers moving to LA on The Numinous


So what’s the real reason behind the mass exodus from cities like NYC to LA? You’ve noticed it, right? How the lightworker tribe are all feeling the call?

Well, it’s no coincidence that people are packing up their overpriced apartments, saying farewell to the brutal winters, and moving to the magical City of Angels. In fact, many of the Numinati made the move years ago, and now more of our tribe are arriving in waves.

When I heard the call of my soul to move to Los Angeles, I had no idea that I would be part of a major movement. I was not consciously aware that there was a deep reason for the work I was being called to do here, nor did I understand the energetic force by which it happened at this particular time in space.

It all makes sense to me now. If you, too, have been feeling a voice inside calling you West, what I’ve learned since my move may explain why – and in a radical way.

In April 2015, I was visiting my girlfriends in Malibu and I remember the precise moment, sitting on the beach, my soul clearly demanded: “Come home.” I had never lived in California, nor had I ever heard a voice inside as strong as this.

But I was not afraid. I listened.

The voice continued: “Move to Venice in the Fall.” So specific and commanding, right? I dared not question it, even though I had only been to Venice a few times for Kundalini classes at Ra Ma Institute with Guru Jagat, and for nourishment at Moon Juice and Cafe Gratitude.

But over the past several years, I have recognized my intuitive gifts and learned that in order to stay in alignment, I MUST TRUST this deep knowing.

And something inside me insisted that this was exactly where I needed to be. So I set about transitioning all my yoga classes and clients in New York, seamlessly found a friend to take over my lease, and effortlessly slipped out of my old life to plant myself in Venice Beach – the epicenter of the Now Age. And now that I’m here, I feel grounded and aligned.

So, back to why are we being called to LA, why should we trust the pull, and what’s next for us fearless souls who have listened to our spirit’s deepest longing.

Here are FOUR reasons that may help it all make it crystal clear.

Nicolas Jandrain on The Numinous

1. We are being called to return to our Aphrodite – our pure, liberated Feminine.

New York City is literally on a grid – when you see the city from the air, the avenues and streets are angular and the buildings are close together. It’s tough to see the wide open sky unless you’re at the top of a skyscraper or in the middle of Central Park. We pound our feet on concrete and have little connection to the bare, soft, fertile earth. For most of the year, our feminine form is bundled in layers, and the sun has only a small window to kiss our bare skin.

Living in any city, we’re disconnected from the Earth, Air, Moon and tides – which in turn influence our moon cycles, our creativity, and manifestation capabilities.

When our creative expression is stifled, we become tight, rigid, stressed, and stagnation takes over our physical bodies. Living this way demands we’re dominated by our masculine energy – and it’s hard to keep up. Our adrenals burn out. We grow tired of being Wonder Woman – one of Dana James’ female archetypes – in the city that never sleeps. Rather, our hearts are longing to dance under the moonlight. We know we will rise in our true power when we feel grounded with the earth under our bare feet.

Nicolas Jandrain on The Numinous

2. We got chewed up and spat out, and now our souls are strong enough to handle the work ahead.

Our souls brought us to cities like New York to do some major work on our karmic path. Our soul contracts had very specific lessons and experiences to learn in order to do the light work we were born in this incarnation to deliver.

New Yorkers have grit. New Yorkers are tough. We had to be, to get through the brutal winters, hurricanes, floods, terrorism, city noise, and commutes. And our souls had to practice becoming strong enough to do the major work that we are about to do in LA – influencing some of the brightest, most powerful, creative, receptive people in the world to step up to change the future of our planet.

So what is this work? Our world is suffering from the bankruptcy of love – we are living in a time of immense poverty, suffering, terrorism, abuse, and fear. It is our work to bring light to this planet through our creative leadership. We must be strong and clear in our own bodies otherwise, this difficult work can leave us feeling hopeless and depleted.

But first, we need some time to play. To retreat. To rest, rejuvenate, and restore. Once we have brought ourselves back into balance, we will have the clarity and vitality to do some major work as the next generation of visionaries on this planet.

3. We’re feeling the pull of the 33rd parallel (Allow me to explain…)

In heeding the call to LA, lightworkers are being called to congregate around the 33rd parallel – an energy vortex which happens to run through Venice Beach. You may know that in numerology, 33 is considered a Master Number and symbolizes the Christ Consciousness. The 33rd degree is highest publicly known degree for Freemasonry, and some say it signifies illumination and freedom from religious dogma. In Hinduism, Yoga Sutra 3:33 states: “Through keenly developed intuition, everything can be known.” And the Tibetan Book of the Dead speaks of the thirty-three heavens ruled over by Indra, and the thirty-three ruled over by Mara.

Furthermore, the latitude of the 33rd degree is shared with the ancient city of Babylon and by modern day Baghdad. The longest continually inhabited city in the world, Damascus, in Syria, is also on this line. The site of the first atomic bombing during WWII, in Nagasaki, Japan, also resides on the 33 parallel, and coincidently, so does the White Sands Testing Range in New Mexico, where the atom bomb was first tested. This geo-latitudinal line also passes through what is known as the “Bermuda Triangle” in the Atlantic Ocean.

So, clearly, there is something very powerful about the energy vortex around the 33rd parallel! And in essence, the quality of the 33rd parallel is that it shifts our energy more effectively and quickly. But looking at the history, it’s also clear that this has been utilized by some pretty dark forces – and now the lightworkers are moving to readdress the balance.

Nicolas Jandrain on The Numinous

4. Our soul family is waiting for us.

To do the work we were born to, we need the support of our tribe. I’ve found there’s nothing more influential than a community of brilliant, grounded, strong, connected souls – our “soul clusters” as my dear friend Aimee Follette, chef and founder of Sun in Bloom, so perfectly calls it.

You know that feeling when you meet someone for the first time, but something inside you remembers them, as if you’ve known each other before? That feeling is real. Our souls have contracts with other souls – and we have these soul contracts with all the people we walk with, our parents, friends, business partners, lovers, and children.

The soul contracts of my New York life, including a controlling six-year relationship, showed me the work I needed to do: to heal deep-rooted karmic patterns of insecurity, self-doubt, and the inability to speak my truth. Many of us in New York experienced a similar struggle, freeing ourselves from lineages of insecurity, scarcity mindset, and fear of abandonment.

And having learned the lessons of city life, a tribe of stronger, fierce, liberated souls are reuniting together in Los Angeles.

Not feeling the call to move? That’s okay!

As explained by my teacher Harmonjot Kaur at Ra Ma Institute in Venice, it is important to understand that YOUR soul family will be found wherever you open your soul. “We are moving into a time where we stop looking outside for answers. Moving to LA to find one’s soul family simply because one identifies as a “lightworker” is a recipe for heartbreak I feel. Because wherever one is, that is where the soul family will show itself. And when we make expensive moves looking to satisfy from the outside what can only be satisfied from the inside, we really set ourselves up for great disappointment.”

There’s also a critical need for lightworkers to remain in New York City – since NYC is on an energetic grid that’s very powerful, meaning there’s an opportunity to amplify light work in the city.

And the truth is, we’re all designed to be more energized by different locations, explains Light Maker Cassandra Bodzak. “There are people whose energy field is actually more primed for NYC than LA, or vice versa, or for a different location such as Austin, Miami, or Boulder. You can even get a special astrology chart reading to determine which places on the earth will optimize your energy or deplete you.”

Another disclaimer from Harmonjot: The move to LA alone does not equal automatic self-discovery! “I’m reticent about encouraging people to move to Los Angeles because it’s touted as some kind of promised land. But many people have the illusion that their problems will be solved by coming out here. They likely won’t. Deep spiritual practice is what allows one to find the next step and the next place.”

So, my dears, wherever you feel the call, trust it. Trust your soul. Your soul family. Just as your future self is trusting YOU to heed the call. When you are living in alignment with your soul, you’ll feel home wherever you are. You’ll be in harmony with your body, and from this space of feeling healthy and in the flow, you will be your most creative self, and able to fully show up to do the work you were born to do.

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  • Love it! Just made the NYC to Venice move.

  • Kelly says:

    While I do agree that there are many amazing and wonderful light workers here, I myself am looking to get out of LA as I feel it as you described NYC to some degree. I have lived here for 20 years though so maybe I did my karmic learning here and it’s time to move on. To me LA has gotten so crowded and much more harried than it was even just 3 years ago. It’s stressful and concrete and dirty and I need nature! The energy must shift as always and that’s ok by me. You new light workers can take over! :)

    • Cam says:

      Hello Kelly!

      I agree, with you in needing more nature! I found the State Washington to be perfect for that. Great, weather.. not too cold nor hot, mountains and water …creative vibes in the cities… Have you been? Where are you looking to relocate to? ;)) Greets Cam

      • Fern Olivia says:

        Cam, totally feeling those vibes! I crave trips out to the mountains and camping in the desert. Washington sounds so lovely. Never been but maybe my soul will call me out there someday soon!

    • Dolly says:

      I totally agree with you Kelly! I moved to Los Angeles in 1999 and since then it has changed so much. It is incredibly crowded now and sadly this has driven up rent prices chronically. Sadly some of the most beloved “light workers” are being driven out.

    • Fern Olivia says:

      Thank you for making your impact here and shining so brightly! Onwards! Where is your soul calling you now? xx

  • Cam says:

    Wow, loved reading your article! Well, for me.. I’m born and raised in Berlin Germany, and back living here.. after studies in Seattle, and working in London. I’m myself am American/Polish. First time I’ve been to NYC I fell in love, although it was just during the Summers ;-)) London was too small and crowded, Seattle I liked the weather, but too far from my family in Europe. Now back in Berlin, Germany. It changed and is changing since the wall came down. And with all other political things happening now, for better but also for worse. I’m still and always been torn between East and West.. America/Poland ( my big Family ) and feel stuck in the middle Berlin, in which I feel fear and resentment to settle down here! I’m curious to find out where I can get that reading you’ve mentioned, which places can optimize my energy?!

    Thank you for listening and sharing. X Cam

    • Fern Olivia says:

      Thank you for your sweet note, and I am so glad that you loved reading it. It was such a delight to write and to talk to my light fam about their experiences. There are evolutionary astrologers that can help you determine what places will optimize your energy! I have a friend who is absolutely on point. Happy to connect you – send me an email at fern@fernolivia.com and I’ll hook you up! xx

  • Mimi says:

    Love this (:
    Currently coming up to a crossroads in my own life and deciding what to do next.
    Does anyone know where you can get an astrology reading as mentioned above regarding places?

    • Jo Becker Jo Becker says:

      Astro.com has one – search ‘astrocartography’ :)

    • Kimberly says:

      Hi Mimi – I’ll be happy to look at your astrology mapping with you – currently exploring my own so I’ve a lot of experience to share – email me kimberly.peta.dewhirst@gmail.com with your birth data (time, date, place) and we can Skype x

    • Fern Olivia says:

      Hi Mimi! Thank you for your sweet note, and I am so glad that you loved reading it. There are evolutionary astrologers that can help you determine what places will optimize your energy! I have a friend who is absolutely on point and she does readings over the phone/skype. Happy to connect you – send me an email at fern@fernolivia.com and I’ll hook you a light sister up! xx

  • This is fantastic! I’m having a mind-blown moment considering the implications of what all lies along the 33rd parallel; something I hadn’t considered before because it wasn’t at all on my radar.

    When you mentioned the exodus, I felt a tipping of the scales, and then was shown a realignment. It feels like there will be those guided to come East, to do what they must on this side of the continent.

    I’m curious to see how this will develop as things are coming to a rapid head.

    Peace. Blessings.

    • Fern Olivia says:

      Hi Ellen! Thank you for your sweet note, and I am so glad that you loved reading it. The 33rd parallel is fascinating!! I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds, too. Marianne Williamson is already on her way east, and I feel that more lightworkers will soon follow to balance the energy polarity. Blessings to you!

  • Jo Becker Jo Becker says:

    Def feeling the call ! I’ve been fantasizing about LA for a year now, tho I’ve neve properly visited.

    Chicago is much like NY, full of a lot of covert lightwork action & also brutal winters/concrete hustle. It’s also on my Pluto line in my astrocartography chart = major shifts + heartbreak ;)

    I’m also feeling the call to England, though I know it won’t be as warm!

    • Fern Olivia says:

      Hi Jo! You’ve got to come out here and experience the energy on the west coast sometime soon. London is a beautiful city, and has some lovely countryside escapes. Follow your heart’s longing, you won’t be led astray. xx

  • NJM says:

    I haven’t specifically felt the desire to move to LA (at least, I don’t know if I have), but what I have felt lately are some shifts in energy and am wondering how to interpret these.

    Maybe this is another article completely, but I’ve been wondering lately about energy shifts. My first response is to get anxious because it feels like “something’s going to happen”. Like at work, I’ll feel something and then a co-worker is let go.

    Or my period ends up coming in a couple days so I just assume that’s what ‘it’ was.

    Or maybe what I’ve been feeling is a pull towards LA and I just don’t know it?

    I guess my question is, is there an energetic or vibrational difference between things that happen in your environment (ie. at work) vs. feeling the pull of the 33rd dimension vs. anything else? How do you know and / or interpret what you’re feeling?

    • Fern Olivia says:

      Hi NJM! The shifs in energy you are feeling (at work, feeling the pull of the energy in your environment, listening to signs within your body) are evidence that your intuition is becoming more and more refined. That’s awesome! To interpret the feelings, there are many ways to tap in and attune yourself. Have you tried meditating, calling in your guides and then journaling? Send me an email at fern@fernolivia.com and we can talk about this in depth! xx

  • Rya Swanson says:

    I live in Boulder, which is an amazing place, but my soul longs for California. This article made me teary and my heart felt the tugs of missing “home”. I went for a walk after first reading this. I pondered if it was my true calling or just my desire to run away. A woman walked by me and I smiled as I noticed the outline of the state of California on her shirt. As she came closer I saw what was written on it. ‘Home’. ?

  • Sian says:

    I can’t tell you how deeply profound and synchronicitous this piece is for me. Love it. All the light xoxoxoxo

    • Fern Olivia says:

      Hi Sian! Thank you for your sweet note, and I am so glad that you loved reading it. It is such a gift to share together. We are all moving into the light. xx

  • Erin says:

    I’ve felt the call of “home” each and every time I’ve visited LA. Sadly, immigration from Canada to the U.S. is nearly impossible so I will continue to visit as often as I can, and look for a place here where my soul will feel at home ❤️

  • Kilee says:

    Wow! I am blown away here. I just realized that I’m a lightwkrker. I have been planning on moving from Oregon to the Palm Desert area this fall, which also happens to be on the 33rd parallel. Thank you so much for shedding light on this. Sending you all love! <3

    • Fern Olivia says:

      Hi Kilee! YOU are a lightworker. You wouldn’t have found and read this piece if you weren’t, or found the 33rd parallel and the synchronicity in that. Your soul is guiding you, beat by beat. Sending you so much love and light on your journey. xx

  • IAM says:

    Light Workers…..yes and the other factor could be……………………………………..

    The Rent Is Too Damn High! (NewYorker inside joke)

  • Dreadnot Productions says:

    Filmaker and Lightwarrior here to shield and bridge the path for creatives within the industry. Media changes mindsets. Glad to see so many answering the call.

  • Ashira says:

    It was wonderful that the universe guided me to your site . I had a native priest come in my dream and ask that I come to salinas pueblo nm and without hesitation I did even though I had never heard of it. Make a long story short. I then ran into an angel there who told me to go to truth or consequences nm ( a very small town, very depressed) I listen and knew that this is my mission and now two years later and humanity in the verge of big change. I feel a need to leave but torn because of the universal need and being in a racist community… What is the connection to this town and the grid… Blessings

  • cyr3n says:

    yup.. all the unicorns are being called up to the hills in topanga and tujunga too. its a mass exodus.

  • Anastasia Koroleva says:

    Hmmm….I felt a calling to move to LA a couple of years ago. I finally made the move. Now it make sense why. Interestingly enough, I have a strong connecting with NYC and visit often but don’t feel like living there. Thank you for explaining! ❤️

  • Makana, Fred says:

    Come visit our feminine vortex

  • Meli says:

    Interesting read. I am from Paris and live now here. In the past lived in NYC and felt like my life purpose was there. I want to move back there now, as I know I need to shine my light there. Who knows about LA maybe will move one day.

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