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Making magic at Topshop, identifying Mission Cake, and ways to work with our future feminine paradigm…

astrologer Jennifer Racioppi tools to manifest on The Numinous

Astrologer Jennifer Racioppi

:: MONDAY ::
Mainly eating, or rather drinking “Cake”—which is what I named the abundance-enhancing flower and gem essence I made as part of our Halloween Happenings for Topshop over the weekend. The day I was manning our area at the Soho store in NYC, beautiful Elyssa Jakim was on site leading “potion-making” workshops—which were a total sell-out! What an experience to witness crowds of Sunday fashion fans lining up for their chance to sit down and make some magic (literally). As for my tincture? My latest (ongoing?) spiritual quest is to find a way to have my cake and eat it: all the good dharma work, all the deep connection to family and friends, all the gold coins (hell YEAH!), all the good rest, all the passion, all the play, all the HIGH VIBES!

mission cake the numinous

Not kidding about the Cake…

Thank you sweet soul Jessica Sevapreet—a.k.a. Mantras & Miracles—who sent me another talisman to assist me on Mission Cake: a mantra-infused stack of bracelets for protection—”since you’re putting so much out into the public.” This really hit home, as I’ve freaking out fairly regularly lately about stepping out from behind my laptop (my entire career has been as a writer, after all) and into live events and hosting. So NOT my comfort zone, but so VERY empowering, uplifting, connective, and impactful whenever I do it. If you’ve been coming to our Numinous Presents events thank you for being part of this journey with me! You can discover more about Jessica and her work at

And speaking of live events, we began promo today for THANK GODDESS—an evening to awaken the Divine Feminine in NYC on 11/11. I almost don’t want to mention the E-word, since remaining focussed on doing my own good dharma work and radiating all the high vibes is proving to be the most effective way of avoiding a nasty case of Election Fever (opps). But FOR REAL—if there was ever a moment to celebrate and raise up the feminine forces of creation, it’s now. And not necessarily in the “yay, first female president!” sense (although, of course we named our event in the hope we’ll finally all be able to breathe again after a win for Hillary this time next week). But for me this whole debacle is just the latest piece of evidence that the future thriving of the human race is actually on US. The humans, of all genders, who are collaborating with each other, loving on each other, mothering each other, and nurturing our planet with each and EVERY choice we make. Come join us on 11/11 if you vote yes to that! Tickets and more info here.

Thank Goddess Rebecca Campbell Madeline Giles tools to manifest 11/11 event NYC The Numinous

A nod from the cosmos that I’m on the right path from an incredibly useful astro reading with Jennifer Racioppi (see main pic). The big message? Building out team Numinous is THE key to the success of Mission Cake. We chatted just before I headed off on last month’s mega road trip (I listened to the recording today), on the Libra New Moon (partnerships) which also lit up my mid-heaven (career path)—and right as I was getting committed with some VERY EXCITING collaborations. For so long, I’ve been testing different ways to monetize this platform and make The Numinous my full time gig—and a beautiful model of co-creation is emerging as the way this wants to happen, that’s also totally aligned with our future feminine paradigm! What I loved most about Jennifer’s reading was that she used every aspect of my chart to make concrete, real life suggestions for how to max out my soul path—in this material girl incarnation. Book a reading and discover more at

:: FRIDAY ::
Planning to dance it out at THIS tomorrow, a peace march to reminds us we all all one species. Our beautiful friend Sah D’Simone will also be giving a talk at 12pm in Washington Square Park. And if you’re not in NYC, mandatory “I am a conscious, connected human being” dance party in your kitchen please.

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