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A case of astro genetics and a dedicated life of service. Debbie Frank and Felicia Bender examine the astrology and numerology of Princess Charlotte…Images: Envisaging Disney Characters in Real Life by Jirka Väätäinen (via

Debbie Frank, astrologer to Diana Princess of Wales, studies Charlotte’s chart and finds a case of “astro genetics”…

The timing of royal births is always interesting. Prince George squeaked into the sign of Cancer with just minutes to spare. I was adamant the baby could not be a lion even though the Sun had already moved into Leo but as news of the birth was delayed, George was indeed a Cancer! Now we have his sister with Cancer rising – William, George’s and Diana’s Sun sign, Kate’s Moon sign and we’re looking at the phenomenon of astro genetics, where signs are repeated in families, like DNA. The Princess is also a Sun-sign Taurus, like the Queen.

This baby has Sun in Taurus and Moon in Libra – a combination that loves the arts and as her Moon is plugged into Uranus and Pluto she’s going to have plenty of love adventures when she grows up! Her Sun is in the sociable zone of the 11th house so she will also be a people’s princess just like her grandmother, Diana.

The baby’s Moon in Libra joins William and Kate’s Pluto – so she will know how to press her parent’s buttons! Both royal babes have Mercury next to Mars revealing forceful dynamics between them – sibling rivalry is likely to be pronounced. Her North Node is on both William and Kate’s Mars in Libra – a very soulful connection that makes harmony a goal rather than a given!

How will the rest of the family adapt to this latest arrival? Prince George has Saturn on his Ascendant this Summer making him increasingly aware that he is the ‘big boy’ and Saturn squares his Venus so he might not feel so happy about making room for his sister initially.

Volatile Uranus is creating a Grand Cross for Kate. So we could see less of the poised Capricorn and a more emotional side to her. The baby has Mars on William’s own Venus in Cancer (incidentally this also repeats Diana’s Venus) so she’s likely to be a Daddy’s Girl through and through. With Uranus on his 1/C, William is also experiencing huge changes at the core of his being. It’s a new life for all of them.

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Felicia Bender, The Practical Numerologist, sees a life of service on the grand stage for baby Charlotte…

It’s Royal Baby Fever yet again. Prince George has a little sister and – dare I say – we couldn’t be any more psyched about integrating a bit of estrogen into the royal family tree. What does Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Windsor’s numerology chart have to say about our little princess?

Charlotte has come into the world on a Six Life Path in tandem with a Six Destiny (or Expression) number. So she has double the pleasure and double the challenges that the number six brings to the table. She’s the nurturer and will be most satisfied when she’s in control of the needs of home, family, and serving the needs of others.

She’ll be in her element when she’s allowed to beautify her surroundings – and probably won’t complain about her lavish wardrobe. Six’s love beauty and are often physically beautiful themselves.

The caveat to that nurturing energy? Challenges with perfectionism, self-righteousness, learning to harmonize her sense of responsibility, and learning how not to be such a control freak.

Her Soul Urge number is a Master Number Twenty-Two/Four. She’ll be a hard worker and will want to leave something of lasting value in the world. Yet she’ll have to work around limitations in whatever way she perceives them.

Her Personality Number is another Master Number – the Eleven/Two. This young woman is on a high-level mission in the world. Interestingly, the Twenty- Two/Four is oppositional to the Eleven/Two. Both present as high-strung energy – Charlotte will always feel as though she’s never doing quite enough, no matter what. And yet the Twenty-Two/Four is quite practical while the Eleven/Two is more airy and artistic. The Eleven is more of a dreamy energy rather than the “doing” energy of the Twenty-Two/Four.

And her Birthday Number is the soft, loving, diplomatic Two. This may be where Charlotte feels most comfortable at first, while the Life Path Six beckons her to evolve into a visionary, while taking the lead. The two holds more of a supportive energy that’s focused on finding satisfaction in serving group dynamics and being more of the power behind the throne (so to speak). Yet she’ll be challenged with stepping into her own power and combining her meditative and service-oriented skills to make a difference in the world on a grand scale.

Tinkerbell from Peter Pan

Tinkerbell from Peter Pan

And how will she connect with big brother George?

He’s more large and in charge given he’s an Eight Life Path – all about mastering the art of success in the material world. She will definitely hold a “softer” presence and yet the six and the eight “get” each other. I forsee a close relationship between the two – with some occasional fire underneath!

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