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Moon Club is a new monthly coaching and mentorship program from The Numinous + Alexandra Roxo. OMG! Co-founder Ruby Warrington explains what it’s all about…

Moon Club Alexandra Roxo Ruby Warrington The Numinous

At the beginning of summer 2016, my dear contributor and friend Alexandra Roxo came to me with an idea. Wouldn’t it be rad, she suggested, if there was a way for us to connect with our readers and followers in REAL time, on the regular, no matter where people were based. Her proposal? A regular virtual Full Moon ritual that harnessed the power of the Internet to CONNECT the humans behind the social media handles.

Well it was an immediate “yes” from me, and we’ve since joined forces to host these monthly gatherings—creating a friendly space for people to connect, with us, with each other, and with the cycles of Mama moon. For me, the experience has been equal parts EMPOWERING and HEART-OPENING.

Commenting on each other’s social media posts is one thing, but man it feels good to TALK! We’ve had feedback with people using words like “this was so profound”, and “you helped me understand something about myself so much better.” One woman even described one of Alexandra’s guided meditations as “life-changing”!

Wow! We realized very quickly that this is powerful stuff (as if our witchy great-great-great-great-grand-mama’s didn’t know it), and began talking about ways we could EXPAND this offering. And it was actually while hosting our first retreat in upstate New York with darling Elyssa Jakim (beneath an enterprising and structured Capricorn Full Moon) that the idea for MOON CLUB began to form.

And the idea is simple. Moon Club is a monthly coaching and mentoring program, using each moon phase (the 28-day cycle following the moon from new to full and back again) as a backdrop to our real-time PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT and spiritual ACTIVISM.

As Alexandra and I know from our own experience, it’s one thing to check your weekly horoscope, read all the self-help books, and share all the spiritual articles on Facebook—but s*it gets REALLY REAL when you learn how to apply all this to your daily HUMAN existence here on earth. And having walked the talk ourselves and then some, we’re creating a space to offer our members some hand-holding and sisterly support as they do the same.

Oh but our BIG MISSION? To inspire a new generation of change-making COSMIC CRUSADERS, who will take this work and use it to help create a world that future generations can ALL believe in. You know and we know this is needed like never before!

So what does this look like? Here’s what you get!

– Monthly MOON MISSION WORKBOOK delivered to your inbox as a printable PDF. Including: month ahead moon phase astrology, with coaching exercises, space to process, and a unique monthly Moon Mission for each sign. Get a sample PDF here.

– LIVE monthly online FULL MOON RITUAL. Astro weather forecast + ritual guided journey with live Q&A.

– LIVE monthly MOON SALOON interactive coaching webinar with Ruby + Alexandra. Video chat us and we will work with you and your questions in real time. Sample themes: Healing Our Communities; How to Bring More Woo to Your Workplace; Recovering from Oracle Abuse.

– LIVE monthly MOON MYSTIC Q&A with one of our favorite entrepreneurs, activists or social media influencers. Our first Moon Mystic is Entrepreneur and Activist Miki Agrawal of Thinx! Her call will be on December 7 2016.

– Access to a private interactive MOON CLUB FACEBOOK GROUP where you can submit your input on our Moon Saloon topics, post your progress with your Moon Mission, meet other members, and more.

DISCOUNTED TICKETS to ALL IRL Numinous and Holy F*ck workshops, salons, events, and retreats. Check out our current and upcoming offerings here.

– Personal name-checks on our social media channels, and a chance for you and your work to be featured in a regular MOONERS & SHAKERS feature on The-Numinous.com.

– $1 per month from your subscription goes to a fund to provide scholarships and further aid. Full details TBA in 2017.

And all for just $13 a month—which is like, three lattes or ONE fancy green juice! We wanted to keep the program super-affordable, as we’re very aware that so much self-help and personal development work is basically way too expensive for most people to benefit. And of course, all the content on The Numinous will remain completely FREE.

We’ll also be posting regular opportunities to apply for Moon Club SCHOLARSHIPS if even $13 a month is a stretch for you. Keep following @The_Numinous and @alexandraroxo for more details in the coming weeks.

Curious and wanna know more—plus find out how to sign up? Our website is live today! Go check it out and get INSPIRED at Moonclub.co. Oh, and here’s a video we made in Joshua Tree (on the passionate and activated Aries Full Moon!) to tell you a little bit more…

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  • Nicole says:

    This is exactly what I need in my life! Thank you.

  • This is brilliant exactly what i have been looking for.. would it still be doable as i live in the london and have notice the majority of your work is in america? (especially work shops)

    • Hi Gemma! Yes it absolutely is for people all over the world. All our live calls can be accessed from anywhere, and are recorded so that people who can’t attend will still get all the goodness. I am from London originally and am already planning an event for Jan 11 – which Moon Club members will get a discount for. There will be more UK events and workshops in 2017 too, and we already have London members who are planning IRL meet-ups! Hope this helps. Ruby

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