An intimate and in-depth new workshop from Biet Simkin uses an ancient system to answer the question “Who Are You?Ruby Warrington asks her what it’s all about …

Biet Simkin The Numinous

Biet Simkin by Sambajoy Photography

RUBY WARRINGTON: I’m super intrigued by this workshop, as I too have landed on this recently; the idea that understanding “who am I?” is at the crux of all our spiritual work. How and when did you come to this realization?
BIET SIMKIN: I always kind of knew by accident. Like sometimes magical shit would happen and all would align and I would remember who and what I really am. I lived for those moments! One day about seven years ago, when immersing myself in the shamanic work my father had been teaching me for 30 years, I had an awakening and saw that it didn’t have to wait to connect to this by accident.

I could secure the tools and maps that would allow me red carpet access to my true self ON DEMAND! This didn’t happen overnight, it took effort of course. But it was also the easiest work I had ever done, because the aim was so clear and the reward was sooooo big! Knowing who I am has given me the life, fiance, career, financial status, emotional equanimity, friends, community and spiritual life I had always dreamed of. Shit, if that’s not worth it I don’t know what is!

RW: I think we need to know who we truly are so we can know what we truly need, versus going after things in life that society etc. tells us to want. What’s your take on this?
BS: For me, knowing who you are opens every door and turns you into a magician! But it also gives you a lot of compassion for things that you can’t necessarily change. Once you know who you, are you will find yourself at peace with yourself, even proud of all your little quirks. For instance, you can come to terms and even love your jealousness, dominance, laziness, vanity, sadness, loneliness, that shape of your body, size of your eyes, naïveté, judgmental nature, and sooo much more! It also gives you the power to refine and perfect all that you actually have, rather than trying to be something you aren’t and will never be. What freedom!

Who Are You Biet Simkin workshop The Numinous

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RW: Love that! What clues can you give us about the system you teach to answer this question? What philosophies and practices is it based in?
BS: My work is based in Fourth Way work, as well as ancient Indian and Sufi spiritual practices. For this I use many maps and diagrams that have completely woken me up as I’ve devoted myself to using them as a blueprint. The system I teach when discussing human body types, for example, is called an enneagram—but one that’s rarely taught, and not the numerological one that is more commonly known.

I guess I could go as far as to say that the system that has been passed down to me is the single most accurate and useful system I have ever known, and far surpasses any other tools I have ever used on the topic of true self-knowledge. It is the same secret system that masters use to know who their students, and how to best help them. So just imagine how having access to this tool will help you in business, romance, community. It’s a game changer. 

RW: How did you come to study this system?
BS: My father (an awakened shaman) taught it to me, and we studied it when I was a kid. Later when I got sober I began implementing the system daily and it brought me a sense of complete freedom in every area of my life. I actually I wouldn’t trade my years of being lost in addictions for anything, for all they taught me. However, there’s no need to wait until you reach a rock bottom to implement these tools. Why not be urgent about instigating impossible joy, right now?

RW: I quote David Lynch in my book Material Girl, Mystical World; he says: “the thing about meditation is, you become more and more you.” How can meditation help answer the question “who am I?”
BS: Yes, meditation is a key element. However, when one begins meditating much sadness and confusion and even intolerance can emerge. This system compliments meditation because it helps the awakening man or woman fall in love with the machine which keeps him or her asleep. You can’t be fully free until you learn to love the beast who has you caged! This system helps you meet and greet your “beast,” so he’s sitting on your lap sipping milk like a baby!

Who Are You Biet Simkin workshop

Biet Simkin by Sambajoy Photography

RW: So who are you, Biet?
BS: I’m not the chick who’s answering the questions in this interview, but the eternal wisdom that tells her what to say. Biet is a woman completely surrendered to the real her in her. Biet is not identified with the ride she is on or the pony that she rides around it on. Biet is everything. Biet is love.

RW: If we could all operate from a place of truly knowing who we are, what kind of impact would this have on the wider world?
BS: This answer varies for specific individuals, because we’re all here to play our own very special note—but watch the difference your heroes make in the world, and you’ll see. It’s also been speculated that a great many masters studied this system. Traces of it have been found in the work of Abraham Lincoln, Rumi, Leonardo DeVinci, Rembrandt, Hildegard Von Bingen and many, many others. Wanna be like them? Well they only got there by truly BEING themselves. Understand this and ANYTHING is possible. I’m not exaggerating.

WHO ARE YOU? A Guided By Biet Workshop, takes place in NYC on June 20 2017. Click here for info + sign up and get a 10% discount using the code “NUMINOUS”

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