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Commit to your ongoing process of awakening with a forgiveness prayer, says Angelic Breath Healing founder Madeline Giles.

Madeline Giles forgiveness prayer angel message for december 2016 for The Numinous

“Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies.” –Nelson Mandela

This month, the Angels ask us to face fears, addictive behaviors, triggers, challenges, resentments and upsets head on. Why? So we can rise. So we can experience sustained levels of inner peace – independent of what’s happening in the external world – and so we can take action, speak and live from a place of true love.

As the energy on the planet continues to quicken, to rise, to crystallize, we are pushed, pulled and seemingly shoved to clear deep-seated judgments against this planet and its inhabitants – starting with ourselves. This is not comfortable – but it can and will bring such relief if we simply create the space for ourselves to process emotionally, release and reach that sweet space of forgiveness.

A forgiveness prayer is truly the antidote to suffering. It is the magical nectar that heals reoccurring patterns, clears karma, and liberates us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. However, “I forgive you” is not a blanket statement. It requires acknowledgment of hurt feelings. It requires we create the safe space for ourselves to express pent up emotions so they can clear.

When we release pent up emotional energy, our heart opens and we change from the inside out. This is what clears reoccurring patterns for good. When we truly forgive, we are able to perceive things happening in our life and on the planet from a higher perspective. This is the process of awakening.

Archangel Zadkiel is the Angel in charge of forgiveness. He works with the Violet Flame of Transmutation to clear old energy, and gently and lovingly guides us through emotional states of release. Here is a process you can do at home this month and any time you feel super triggered by anyone or anything. If you need additional support in releasing traumatic energy and experiences, please seek counsel from a trained professional.


1. Create a sacred space. Light a candle. Call in the energy of God, The Universe, your Angels. Invite in the Archangel Zadkiel and the Violet Flame of transmutation.

2. Set a crystal clear intention, such as: “My intention is to lift and clear any hurt, trauma, unresolved issues, and pain in all directions of space and time for the highest good of all concerned. Thank you God, Higher Self and Angels for guiding this process. I am ready to change.”

3. Center yourself in your heart and take several deep breaths. Get in touch with the part of you that feels upset, hurt, angry. See if you can locate this in a physical place in your body.

4. With several sheets of pen and paper, begin to write down everything that you want to say. Allow yourself to get angry, to blame, to feel – write it all out! It’s okay if it doesn’t make sense. There is no need to write neat or linear – just give it a voice and let it be expressed. If you find your body wanting to move throughout this process – allow it to. If you want to make a sound, cry, or shout angrily, do so. Let all your emotions come forward. Keep writing until you feel complete. NOTE: this step is ESSENTIAL for reaching a true space of forgiveness. In order to reach the underlying love and lesson of this situation, it’s important to acknowledge what emotions and judgments are present without filter.

5. When you feel complete with writing – meaning, you feel a visceral sense of relief or release in your body – put the pen down and see if you can identify judgments you’ve made against yourself and this situation. What beliefs have you bought into? What misunderstandings have you made your reality?

6. Acknowledge the judgments and then release them through Compassionate Self-Forgiveness by once again centering yourself in your heart and making statements like:

I forgive myself for judging myself as ____________.

I forgive myself for buying into the misunderstanding that _____________.

I forgive myself for judging _____________ as ___________.

I forgive myself for judging myself as unworthy.

I forgive myself for judging myself as unlovable.

I forgive myself for buying into the misbelief that I am not enough.

*It’s important to start every forgiveness statement with “I forgive myself for…” because you are taking responsibility for YOUR response to the situation. It doesn’t mean what the other person did is “right” – it just means you are ready and willing to clear the toxic emotional energy you have harbored within your consciousness.

7. After you have made the forgiveness statements, state what is true about yourself and this situation. Such as: “The truth is I am lovable and worthy of love. The truth is I was doing the best I could under the circumstances that were present at that time.”

8. Breathe deeply and once again acknowledge Archangel Zadkiel and the Violet Flame of Transmutation. Visualize yourself surrounded by a Violet Flame and ask Archangel Zadkiel and your Angels to lift and clear any energy of againstness in your body. Reaffirm your intention and willingness to clear all againstness in your consciousness. Breathe deep as you allow yourself to recalibrate and receive the Angelic Energy.

9. Burn the paper you wrote on in step 4, sealing your commitment to release it. Wash your hands and run cold water over your face. If possible, go for a walk, get some fresh air and enjoyed your awakened open heart. Acknowledge yourself and repeat as often as necessary.

*It’s life changing to get in the habit of making daily self-forgiveness statements before you go to sleep. This helps clear you consciousness and continues to peel back layers of frustration and upset, returning us to the eternal space of love and peace within.


Zadkiel is the angel of compassion and forgiveness. His immensely loving and comforting presence serves as a divine transmitter for peace and understanding. Since the Angels do not have egos, they do not judge anything we say or do. They simply hold a space for healing and know exactly what we need to experience greater levels of joy and peace in our lives.

Zadkiel knows that when we harbor pain and resentment in our bodies, minds, and hearts, it hinders the amount of joy and connection we’re able to experience. To help clear this toxic energy, Zadkiel serves as a a divine comforter, encouraging you to clear the emotional energy present by first giving it a voice and being honest with yourself about how you feel.

Then, when you are ready, he works with his benevolent team of forgiveness angels and the Violet Flame of Transmutation to cleanse and clear toxic energy in all directions of space and time, helping you feel lighter, brighter, relieved, and more at peace with yourself and others.

To invoke the compassionate and forgiving energy of Zadkiel, all you need to do is ask him to be at your side and he will instantly intervene. The Angels need our consistent permission to provide assistance since they cannot interfere with our free will choices.

Talk to Zadkiel about what’s present and he will listen and provide immediate support. Here is a sample invocation prayer:

“Archangel Zadkiel, thank you for helping me clear toxic energy from my consciousness. Help me be at peace and have compassion with myself, like you. Thank you Archangel Zadkiel.”

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