The planet of power, transformation, and absolute intensity can make us want to run and hide. Fear not, says Patricia Clark Hippolyte! Pluto Retrograde 2017 is a super potent moment to embrace our shadow side and let it out into the light…

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Thursday, April 20th :: Pluto Stations Retrograde :: 19 Degrees of Capricorn

Thursday, September 28th :: Pluto Goes Direct :: 16 Degrees of Capricorn 

All retrograde cycles allow us to return to the scene of the crime, so to speak. “Why am I dealing with this again?!” you may wonder. That’s the point of a retrograde—any issue that comes up for you will have to be dealt with three times over before you can learn the lesson.

Picture it this way. You’re driving along and go over a speed bump. Then, you put the car in reverse and go over it a second time. And then, you put the car in drive and go over the bump a third time. Simple enough! Except when it’s a Pluto retrograde. This presents a considerably more challenging situation…

Pluto can have bad reputation in the cosmos. But this relates merely to the “lower octave” of the planet’s energy. For example, we’d all like to think we take the higher ground, but we also all have stress, jobs, family, and partners that wear on us. And sometimes we make decisions from a place of insecurity, and end up living a life of deceit rather than face the shit storm. Life is not as pretty as we’d like it to be. We don’t want to admit that it’s complicated and messy so we lie: to ourselves, and to others. This is unrefined Pluto energy.

But Pluto doesn’t lie, people do. You’ve heard the saying “the house always wins”? Well it’s the same with Pluto. This planet’s influence can lead us into shadiness OR it can invite us towards transformation by asking us to step into the darker version of ourselves, the shadow self.

With Pluto transits, it can feel as if the elephant in the room can no longer be avoided. And if you’re willing to surrender to Pluto’s challenges, you can harness his transformational edge. Pluto protects us, keeps us on our toes, and magnetizes us to objects of desire. And after Pluto has taken you down, down, down, there is an immense potential for personal growth.

Cause without the darkness…there is no light, right?!


To discover what lessons Pluto retrograde has for you, check out where Pluto retrograde is backing up in your birth chart right now. This means look to the house with 16—19 degrees of Capricorn. 

When Pluto transits a house, it makes for some interesting transformations relating to that particular area of life. Think change, regeneration, and perhaps a little bit of secrecy and subversion. Pluto digs up what we’ve buried. But don’t worry—these changes are inevitable and necessary. Embrace whatever is surfacing!


:: Capricorn Rising—1st House :: Changing how you see yourself and reshaping your personality. Getting a grip on unconscious drives and urges to control people, situations and, well, … EVERYTHING!


:: Sagittarius Rising—2nd House :: A value system overhaul—both psychologically and materially. Don’t buy the McMansion just yet. You may yet discover it’s not what “luxury” truly means to you.


:: Scorpio Rising—3rd House :: Intensified thought processes and conversations. Be wary of black and white attitudes that bypass the gray, and rule out the opportunity for productive discourse.


:: Libra Rising—4th House :: Grappling internally with problems from childhood and family … it’s always Mom, isn’t it! On the outside, changes in your relationship to home—repairing your living space or moving entirely.


:: Virgo Rising—5th House :: Intensified relationship patterns—either the beginnings of a magnetic new relationship or the break down of old patterns in a current relationship. If you have children, there may be some power struggles!


:: Leo Rising—6th House :: Transformation of your health and daily routine—physical regeneration through good dietary choices or a possible breakdown of poor dietary habits.


:: Cancer Rising—7th House :: Embarking on an “amazing ’til it isn’t” relationship or being challenged to change your present relationship. Seeing power plays in partnerships for what they really are.


:: Gemini Rising—8th House :: Be careful with any joint possessions or other people’s resources—think your spouse’s or employer’s. Also a time to get familiar with any unmet desires.


:: Taurus Rising—9th House :: A great moment for absorbing and learning from experience, and gaining new knowledge. What beliefs have you been blindly holding onto, and where are you getting woke?


:: Aries Rising—10th House :: If you know where you’re at with your career, there’s a good chance of success at this time. If you’re uncertain, there’s a high chance of a total change of path.


:: Pisces Rising—11th House :: A perfect time to seek out more like-minded friends who will aid you in your transformations. It’s also a good moment for prioritizing actions that truly give back.


:: Aquarius Rising—12th House :: A game of psychological chess with yourself! It’s time to deal with old patterns and behaviors that worked in childhood but don’t translate now (read: no more tantrums on the floor!)


Patricia Clark Hippolyte has been seeing stars for well over two decades. With international private readings and intensive three-day courses, she reveals astrological ciphers that help people work with their current and future planetary involvements. Though the stars often shine a painfully bright light on the realities of daily life, remember: starlight is better than no light at all.


  • Just an added note- Pluto is retrograde from the third week of April through September 28!

  • Now I see where you wrote the dates! Whoops!
    Great article and insight, by the way.

  • Amanda says:

    Just a question from an astrology newbie – I can’t seem to figure this out: “To discover what lessons Pluto retrograde has for you, check out where Pluto retrograde is backing up in your birth chart right now. This means look to the house with 16—19 degrees of Capricorn.” Is it possible that it’s a typo and meant to say 16-19 degrees of Pluto – it looks like only planets move through the houses…?

    • Niki says:

      I am in the same boat of confusion. I am thinking the same thing as you though. Not sure if its correct, but we will find out I guess haha

      • David says:

        It is correct. The zodiac is 360 degrees spread across the 12 houses (vice versa, in actuality). Each zodiac sign has 30 degrees but the houses can vary in size but will add up to 360 too. The degrees 16 to 19 of Capricorn will be within one of the houses, or two if those degrees cross a house cusp (the borders between the houses). It’s easier to understand if you see your chart diagram with the “wheels” inside each other.

        • ioana says:

          nope still don t get what you guys mean .my pluto is in the 11th house in scorpio 13 degrees but i would really like to know whatdo you mean with the degrees

    • Tara says:

      In your chart, the houses are where each of the signs are located for you. They start with your Rising sign in your first house and the other signs follow. Since Pluto is moving from 19 to 16 degrees, you want to look at which house those degrees of Capricorn are in. For me, my 6th house starts at 9 degrees of Capricorn, so Pluto is hanging out in my 6th house. I hope this helps.

      • unknown says:

        Based on your explanation Pluto is hanging out in my 12th house, this sits both my neptune and saturn. What does this mean?

    • Each planet transits through a sign and house so 16-19 degrees Capricorn is referring to the sign but the house where that sign is placed in your chart will reveal what area of life you will be feeling the effects of Pluto…

  • Ben says:

    So, this is interesting. Pluto reached within 20 minutes of my Part of Fortune before going retro, and when it starts going prograde (Sept. 28th), it will be my solar return and within 20 minutes of my natal midheaven….also, Solar Return chart is showing that SR Vesta is conjunct Sun and SR ASC is conjunct natal Vesta.

  • Sophie says:

    Oh, heck! Pluto is sitting on my 7th House Capricorn Moon now, and has hardly moved off it since February 2017. It will come back to sit there, within seconds of exact, throughout September and October 2018. This is mind boggling. Pluto stays within the near-2-degree orb all this time! Frankly, I cannot believe that anyone can work out what is likely to happen here, this never having happened before in anyone’s experience. I’d love to hear from others in my position, or a similar one.

    • Peggy says:

      I don’t have exactly your situation, but my south node(lunar) natally sits at 17 degreees Capricorn exactly on the descendant in my chart. Pluto retro has been activating the 7th and the 1st houses. I would imagine you are having a similar experience. I had a nervous breakdown on April 20, and continuous surfacing of subconsciously held feelings for the last 6 months. It has been no picnic, but at this point, Sept. 26, Pluto is just about to go direct. Am I ready? Are you ready? I would be curious to hear about your lunar experiences.

      • Teresa says:

        I left my boyfriend of two years april 23rd and have beem in the deepest depression of my life for the past 6 monnths . Ive gone crazy i drove my parents and friends probably loony with my need to justify wtf happened to my life job too and i started over last week new job and today i feel like i cant evem reach those feelings of despair im like woah what the heck happened i talked to my psyhic guide yesterday so i said it must have been her that hypnotized finally let go and move on lol then i find out this pluto capricorn deal . My mind is blown. Oh i also have capricorn in all of my houses except for rising sun and moon but i have a selium of capricorn. I wish someobe could do my chart and explain where my degree was in which house for this freaking time.l <3

  • Mark says:

    I’m a very confused astro newb!

    My rising sign is Libra. Born in 1958, when Pluto was in Virgo.

    On my birth chart wheel. moving anti-clockwise, from the 9am position:
    Aries is my 1st House, in the 8-9am position.
    Cancer is my 4th House, in the 5-6pm position.
    Libra is my 7th House, in the 2-3pm position.
    Capricorn is my 10th House, in the 11am-12 pm position.

    So, which house is Pluto in for me during this retrograde?
    Wherever House it is in, what does that mean?

    Many thanks in advance :)

  • Wayne says:

    On April 20th I met a woman on a plane then we parted, but I’ve thought about her every day since then. Its my hope she contacts me thru FB because meeting her was SO powerful. Now that I’m aware of Pluto retrograde maybe she will be contacting me when it ends on the 28th? Lets hope.

  • jawahar says:

    I am an aries person, will pluto going forward affect on sep 28th 2017 affect
    my 10th house

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