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Did you know you had a progressed Moon sign? Looking ahead to Aquarius Season, Liz Worth tells us that this astro placement is the key to your new year, new look …

liz worth progressed moon sign ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world

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In astrology, your birth chart shows the story of your personal evolution. And, as the story of your natal astrology unfolds, what are called “progressions” in your chart help you to evolve—literally, they
show where you can “progress.”

You can download your current progressed chart HERE.

Your progressed Moon will spend about 2.5 years in each sign, and will take about 28-30 years to cycle through your entire birth chart. As it moves along, your progressed Moon will introduce you to the qualities and influences of whatever sign it is moving through.

This doesn’t mean your natal Moon sign changes, but that you have the opportunity to grow by experiencing the full spectrum of the feelings, moods, and expressions of every Moon sign.

For example, if your progressed Moon is in Cancer right now, you will attract people and situations that bring out the quality of Cancer in yourself.

And, whether you’re conscious of it or not, your progressed Moon can influence your sense of style. Have you ever wondered why you’ve gone through fashion phases, obsessing over certain pieces, cuts, fabrics, or accessories for a certain time and then dropping them a year or two later?

It could be your progressed Moon influencing the evolution of your personal style. It makes sense, right? Your Moon sign shows how your feelings fuel your expression, as well as what you find comfort in, so it can influence the looks you gravitate towards.

Read on for a guide to dressing for your progressed Moon … 

liz worth ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world progressed moon sign

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Progressed Moon in Aries// Aries likes to feel strong in every situation, so think athletic wear, army surplus duds, combat boots, and torn jeans. Bold lip colors can help carry your word with confidence.

Progressed Moon in Taurus// This is the realm of boho-chic, all floral prints, floppy hats, and flowing skirts. Top it off with quartz pendants and chunky gemstone rings. For makeup, think neutral shades and a nude lip.

Progressed Moon in Gemini// Versatility is important here as Gemini is always meeting new people and ready to make a good first impression. A mix of casual basics and classic pieces with fun, simple accessories will take you from day to night.

Progressed Moon in Cancer// Cancer loves softness and comfort. Leggings, yoga pants, and sweats can become wardrobe staples with this progressed Moon. You could also find yourself drawn to sales racks at the vintage store for days you come out of your shell.

Progressed Moon in Leo// Ruled by the Sun, Leo loves to be in the spotlight and make a statement. Metallics, sequins, and animal print may suddenly call to you. So can a new hairstyle. Leo loves turning heads with its trademark mane.

Progressed Moon in Virgo// This progressed Moon tends to value efficiency and functionality, so you may be drawn back to the basics, with denim, cotton tees, cardigans, and flats. Simplicity is key with Virgo, so you might also feel like giving your closet a purge.

Progressed Moon in Libra// Ruled by feminine Venus, Libra asks you to make space for beauty, art, and love. Symbolized by the scales, Libra style can also go either way. You might pare down to basic black, or opt for romantic flowy tops, lace accents, and full skirts.

Progressed Moon in Scorpio// Ruled by Pluto and Mars, Scorpio is mysterious, strong, and sexy. Biker jackets, smoky eyes, dark lipsticks, and black jeans might call to you. Scorpio also likes to feel powerful, so you might find yourself bucking trends and wearing whatever makes you feel like the boss you are.

Progressed Moon in Sagittarius// Fiery Sagittarius loves travel,adventure, and freedom. Symbolized by a centaur, a mythological creature, a progressed Moon in Sag can make dressing feel like spellcasting. Think talismanic jewelry, lucky t-shirts, and unique pieces that announce your presence to any room you enter.

Progressed Moon in Capricorn// Capricorn doesn’t want to spend too much time deciding what it’s going to wear, so simplicity reigns here.Think neutral colors and versatile pieces that can be easily layered, like plaid shirts, denim button-downs, and boyfriend jeans.

Progressed Moon in Aquarius// Innovative, rebellious Aquarius is always a step ahead. This progressed Moon could find you waking up to a whole new world of possibility. Fashion-wise, you may find yourself pushing the envelope. Pair vintage pieces with modern
accessories, or play mix and match with patterns and styles.

Progressed Moon in Pisces// It’s time to connect with your intuition, your creative self, and your emotional realm. But it’s important to stay grounded in the process. Luckily, Pisces rules the feet, so base each outfit on a killer pair of shoes is how to make your style statement here. Think about how you want to walk this earth and the journey those shoes can take you on.

Liz Worth uses Tarot and astrology as tools of truth, power, and clarity. She is the author of six books and counting, and has contributed to Little Red Tarot, Biddy Tarot, and The Numinous, among others. Her Tarot book, “Going Beyond the Little White Book: A Contemporary Guide to Tarot,” is now available. Reach Liz at

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